Modern passive solar architect



Before we can start designing your beautiful home, we need to address the issues relating to the rules and regulations for any given site to make sure the local council is happy to issue building consent.




Perhaps your plans are easy to achieve on your chosen site and are within the permitted activities allowed on your site, but sometimes special rules apply, (especially. in a coastal zone) and one or more "resource consents" need to be granted before the local council will issue a building permit. We have lots of experience in dealing with local councils to obtain the desirable outcome so you can build according to your wishes.
So if you have a site in mind please don't hesitate to contact us so we can make sure you are able to achieve your dreams on a specific site. The sooner we get these site specifications clarified, the better it is for the design process as this can take some time. Great projects begin with a clear vision. We can help you develop that vision and match it with preliminary building layouts,  financial feasibility and planning related issues. I recommend to purchase a high value consultation from us that will address all planning issues and much more so you can have peace of mind. It is called a  Need and options review