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Lucas house Stoney ridge Motueka

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This funky looking box style house sits on a ridge overlooking the Motueka valley. The house is very cost effective to build, without compromising architectural looks.


Project Details

Many materials for this house have been sources locally incl. the cedar cladding, used both horizontal as vertical. The slab is floated concrete finished with a sealer. A house this style is a great alternative to a standard project home. Individual designed to your exact requirements and very affordable at the same time. Please feel free to contact me regarding building cost.


Project Gallery

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  • Kitchen
  • Kitchen2
  • Stoney ridge Motueka
  • Deck
  • Deck2
  • Kitchenview
  • Riverview

Client Feedback

{jb_quote}We really didn’t think we had the budget for an architecturally designed house. After researching all possible options for our first house, the choice to go with Stephan was obvious, and we are so pleased we made the right decision. Working with Stephan gave us a house that we are extremely proud of- and fit within our tight price range. We were able to incorporate all features that wanted into our house- and with Stephan’s expertise we have a home that is both practical and original.  The whole design process with Stephan was very easy and enjoyable! He was very good at listening to our thoughts on the design and we appreciated his ideas, knowledge and experience. 

We absolutely love our place, and visitors often remark on the simple yet unique design.  Thank you so much Stephan.{/jb_quote} {jb_author}Emma Ryder$ Jacob Lucas{/jb_author}




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