About the Company


Stephan Meijer Architecture Ltd  is a sought after European architect in the modern luxury residential market.
He is famous for his contemporary style, innovative homes without compromising on basic passive solar and eco design principles.

Designing and building your home, or even a small renovation is a comprehensive process.
We understand the value of listening carefully to your special needs and requirements and we have the vital experience to translate these into plans that can be built to your budget and according to your expectations. We design energy efficient, top quality homes using non-toxic materials and systems to create comfortable, healthy and sustainable living spaces. To see so many happy customers has been the result of our firm's philosophy, which we take very seriously.


{jb_quote}Stephan's ability to understand and work with our aspirations, to use contemporary knowledge of sustainable building methods and materials, and with good awareness of build costs and practicality have resulted in a truly lovely home.{/jb_quote}

{jb_author}The Edwin family{/jb_author}




The best projects have always been a result of positive collaboration between great clients and designer. We have a very professional team of experienced designers and technichians ready to collaborate with you to create the best projects.



Increasing value.


Anything we do with you should always increase the value in relation to your quality of life. We approach design issues not only in a holistic matter, but also in relation to usability, sustainabilty, efficiency and cost. The design outcome has to enhance your life in every way so you can be healthy, happy and comfortable.



Doing things better.


The world and we are changing faster every day and so are our needs in relation to the build environment. Through critical thinking, innovation and adaptation we aim to do things better and intervene through positive example.

Please refer to Project delivery page showing you how we approach every job to achieve the above objectives.