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7 Fantastic modern home designs

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What makes a home Modern? Not necessary the location, but more the design style.

Modern home qualities could be described as sophisticated, elegant and stylish.

Architecture has evolved for centuries resulting in a very high quality design and

construction method that has passed  the test of time.

The homes could be described as having the following qualities; clean lines, solid,

warm, comfortable, functional and timeless. Below I have listed 7 examples of great

Modern homes.



This smart home is very transparent. This glass on the sunny side is frameless

floor to ceiling allowing uninterrupted views and solar gains. Parking garage

underneath in basement doing away with clutter on the ground floor. The exposed

concrete walls anchor the house down to the site.




This contemporary home is designed by Stephan Meijer Architect and is located

in Nelson New Zealand. The house is situated on a very steep slope and has 2

split levels to accommodate for the car garage access. This house is a great

example of a Modern style, passive solar home suitable for the Nelson Climate.

Typical details that define a Modern style house are: Internal gutters, Solid

construction, high specification in finish and very warm and comfortable.





This very sculptural house is located in Switzerland near Lake Geneva. It is designed

by SAOTA from Cape Town, South Africa. The sandstone and the dark steel form

a nice contrast. Parking in basement below. Landscaping is a big part of the design

of this house.



Like most modern houses, the colour of the house is mainly white. White is a

timeless color and reflects the mood of the surroundings so the color of the

house is always different. It also reflects the sunlight and the paint will be more

durable. This house is nicely built into a hill and has as most modern houses have,

windows from floor to ceiling and integrated balustrading to the balconies.




This is a very interesting looking German house. Almost a sculpture. I would love

to have a look inside this house. The use of blinds might be difficult, but the use

of modern glass can address issues like privacy and solar gain.




A typical modern house using exposed concrete blocks to provide an anchor for

the lighter white and glass elements of the house. Again floor to ceiling windows

and white stucco. The steel balcony and roof parapet complement the hous.



This house must be well insulated. Lots of modern homes have flat roofs and so

does this one. The windows are made of timber. Clean lines and simple forms

make this a great house.


For more information on modern passive solar homes:

Please download our free design guide:

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