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Welcome to Stephan Meijer Architecture.

We are a Nelson, much sought after, Modern residential architects office.
We are famous for our high performance Modern designs due to our advanced training without losing style and elegance.

We use passive solar design and ecological principles in our house designs to achieve the highest comfort and quality standards and at the same time reducing ongoing expenses for heating and cooling. Please browse or website for lots of useful  information located on the toolkits tab and of course some of our past work in projects.


How to start the process?

People are at different stages of the house building planning process. Some people are just starting of in the process by looking at buildings they like. Other people are ready to engage a designer and start the design phase.

Step 1

Assuming you have secured a block of land and you are now thinking of building but are not quite sure about conditions and possible issues. In that case I highly recommend to start with a Need and options review. Please watch video below for more information.


We will consult with you on your plans in relationship to site, zoning, feasibility, legal issues and all other issues that might apply. You will gain certainty in regards to your plans and ideas and eliminate risk at this early stage. There are no obligation for you after receiving the review so you can use whoever you want to use to design your house. (Including us of course!)

Need and options review application

Yes please, I would like to schedule a Needs and Options review with Stephan Meijer Architecture Ltd. at a low cost of 800.00 NZ$ incl. Gst. (in the Tasman/Nelson area-other areas on application.) Please fill out your details below and we will be in touch to make a time.

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Step 2:

In all other cases or after completing a "Need and Options review", you should start the design process by obtaining a "Concept Design" from us. This concept design is completely obligation free and you can do what you want with it.

A concept design is a first step towards the design of your house. The following matters will be addressed;

  • Consult with Territorial / Building Consent Authorities
  • Analyze site conditions / services
  • Analyze brief / schedule of accommodation / feasibility
  • Prepare concept design drawings
  • Report to client on design and related constraints
  • Refine and report on Project time line
  • Consider and report on potential procurement methods

 Please contact us to provide a quote for a "Concept Design" as the price depends on project size and specifications. Meanwhile you should start by Briefing your architect for your project. We have made it easy for you by using this Briefing your architect

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